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Style Evolution
About Style Evolution

Style Evolution is a full-service wardrobe consulting and personal styling business in Washington, D.C.  It is our belief that getting dressed should always be fun, your closet should feel like your own personal boutique and what you’re wearing should give you confidence and make you feel great! 


We believe it’s not our job to tell you what you should be wearing, but rather talk to you and figure out what you want to be wearing and help you make that happen.  Whether you want assistance with creating a look for one special occasion or you want a full closet edit, styling session and personal shopping Style Evolution is here to assist you and make getting dressed fun again.


Dana Kaplan Dorrier is the owner, founder and lead stylist of Style Evolution.  Born with a true love for clothes she spent her childhood with very specific ideas about what she wanted to wear.  Never satisfied with just “getting dressed,” she insisted on selecting an “outfit” for every occasion.  Dana's devotion to fashion never faded and she began not only dressing herself but also acting as stylist to her friends and family.  Through her college years at the University of Texas at Austin, to earning  her Master's Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Northwestern University and her Juris Doctorate from the Washington College of Law at American University, to her career as an attorney for seven years - Dana found herself in a myriad of situations where she needed to "look the part" and wants to help you do the same.  No matter what your current wardrobe challenges or desires are, she's got every situation covered and is thrilled to have founded Style Evolution to fulfill her dream of evolving her love for fashion into a business.


Dana is a School of Style Personal Styling graduate and a Marie Claire Master Stylist.

Dana has been featured on CBS Online and in Bethesda Magazine.

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