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Every service begins with a consultation. You and I will sit down and discuss your style, taste, budget and goals. I will ask a lot of questions to ensure that I understand what you like, don't like and are hoping to achieve by working with style evolution

This closet edit is where we begin with most clients.  Together we will go through every piece of clothing you own.  We will discuss what you love, what no longer works, and pieces that you bought and love, but need ideas about how to wear.  Through this process we will sort the items into those you want to keep, those that can be sold, and those that are ready for give-away.  At the completion of this approximately 3 hour process your closet will be filled only with clothing that looks great on you and makes you feel great, ensuring that you’re never looking at a closet full of  “nothing to wear.”  


Let’s shop your closet!  It is not necessary to buy something new to update your wardrobe.  Once we’ve finished the sort, we will help you look through the remaining items, and put together fully styled outfits for you using the clothes you already own.  Sometimes, it just takes a new set of eyes and a little experience to see great looks from what is already there! Following this process you will receive a shopping list of suggested items to complete your wardrobe.  Additionally, you will receive a digital look book as a reminder of all the different ways you can wear the clothes you already own! 


Using the list we made during the sort, and keeping your budget in mind, it’s time to fill out your wardrobe!  Since we’ve already edited your closet and created lots of great looks, this is where we’ll round out your wardrobe with either the basics we’ve decided you need or those special pieces that will add a bit of depth and interest to your wardrobe.  We can do this a number of ways, your choice: shop together, let Style Evolution do the shopping and bring the items to you, or we can pre-pull the clothes and meet you at the store with a selection of items all ready for you to try on. 

Sort. Shop. Style. Services are available both in packages and a la carte.



Let Style Evolution put together a wardrobe itinerary and full packing list for you.  You provide your travel itinerary and I will pull looks from your closet, stores or both depending on what we decide to make sure you have everything you need for your travels.  A look book for your trip is included.  Packing can be included for an additional fee. This service is best for clients who have already had a Sort done with Style Evolution so that we have a full portfolio of your wardrobe to work with.  However, after a consultation it is possible for this to be a completely a la carte service.  



There are certain big events in our life that we all want to look our best for!  Let Style Evolution style you for that big interview, special date or special event in your life.  Whether you need shopping, styling or both, Style Evolution can work with you for weddings, honeymoon or any other event styling you need.  



Ever heard of “Change your clothes, change your life?”  Well, sometimes that happens in reverse.  Did you get a new job with a different dress code? Back in the dating world after a long break?  Looking for a maternity wardrobe or a new mom wardrobe?  If you’re going through a big change in your life, having a wardrobe that works for you can make you feel more confident as you navigate a new scenario.  Style Evolution will provide full styling and wardrobe updating for these big, exciting life changes.  



For clients who have completed the Sort and Style services with Style Evolution an on-going membership is available.  For an annual fee these clients will receive seasonal updates three times a year to include an updated look book with looks using their current clothes for the new season as well as a shopping list of that seasons must haves for their wardrobe.  Additionally members will receive 10% off all services.  


Virtual Sorting and Styling is available upon request.  Please contact us to determine your needs and get a quote.

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